Column: He said, she said: Session’s best quotes (Farmington Daily Times)

Column: He said, she said: Session’s best quotes

By Sherry Robinson

Updated:   04/18/2015 02:41:10 PM MDT0 comments

One thing everyone agrees on is that this was a more difficult, more demanding session than usual. Still, there are insights, revelations and lighter moments. Here’s my third annual Quotes of the Session.

Richard Anklam, executive director, New Mexico Tax Research Institute: “It’s important to remember the process itself is by design slow and tedious. The legislative process is the sand in the wheels of progress — and that’s not always a bad thing. For every good idea there are lots of not-so-good ones, and political expediency often yields the worst legislation. Even good policy requires extensive vetting to be well crafted and properly implemented. So, thank your elected officials for their hard work and a job well done.”

Rep. Randal Crowder, R-Clovis: “Fifteen days from now I will leave this chair and go sit in another chair as city commissioner, and the fire chief will be sitting in front of me. In the older parts of Clovis, we have fire hydrants that wouldn’t put out enough water to make a pot of coffee.”

Sen. George Muñoz, on the budget: “We’re going to turn on the sprinkler and things will get kind of green, but nothing will grow.”

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