Hernandez Hosts State Association Of Counties Legislative Review Meeting (The Valley DP)

Hernandez Hosts State Association Of Counties Legislative Review Meeting

HERNANDEZ – The New Mexico Association of Counties held a 2015 post legislative session meeting for northern New Mexico member counties Thursday, April 23, at the Hernandez Community Center. Elected officials from county governments throughout the state and local legislators came together to review the 2015 legislative session, discuss what happened, what didn’t happen and and what are the next steps for the counties.

Local Senator Richard Martinez opened the presentations by discussing the accomplishments and difficulties of the 2015 legislative session. Senator Martinez, chairman of the Senate judiciary committee highlighted some of the bills he sponsored and important bills that went through his committee. In particular he spoke in detail about a new Indian Gaming Compact with five tribes and Senate Bill 226 which he sponsored to give landowners right of protection from individual using the rivers that are immediately next to their lands.

In addition, Senator Martinez stressed how the environment at the Roundhouse was very different this year than any previous year he has served. “This was the hardest session I’ve ever attended” Senator Martinez commented.

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