Real ID threat from Homeland Security might not be entirely true

Real ID threat from Homeland Security might not be entirely true

Real ID threat from Homeland Security might not be entirely true |

The Department of Homeland Security made huge waves in October when it wrote a letter to New Mexico saying it had rejected the state’s waiver for REAL ID compliance and that New Mexicans would need passports or other REAL ID-approved identification to access federal buildings. But it turns out that might not be the case.

Read the DHS letter here.

State Democrats and Republicans have sparred heavily over the issue in the five or so weeks since, blaming one another for failing to pass bills during the last legislative session that would have solved our state’s compliance issues. SB 653 – cosponsored by a Democrat and Republican – did pass the Senate with large bipartisan support, but died in the House. A House-sponsored bill died in the Senate.

Democrats have accused Gov. Susana Martinez of holding the measures hostage in order to keep undocumented citizens from getting driver’s licenses in New Mexico, and she and fellow Republicans have accused Democrats of purposely stalling their efforts to come into compliance in order to allow the continued issuing of licenses to undocumented citizens.

But a group of legislative researchers showed KOB Wednesday what they say is proof that many New Mexicans may not be affected whatsoever by the January deadline Homeland Security says will prevent people from entering federal facilities or flying.

Sen. Daniel Ivey-Soto, D-Albuquerque, offered spreadsheets that show how government owned federal buildings, such as federal courthouses, will continue to accept New Mexico driver’s licenses.

And it’s actually spelled out in the REAL ID Act itself, which says there is “no requirement to produce a REAL ID Act compliant ID to enter a Federal facility for accessing health or life preserving services….law enforcement, participating in constitutionally protected activities…voting or registering to vote, or applying for or receiving Federal benefits…”

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